Is Tony O’Clery Bisexual/Homosexual And A Molestor?

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani:
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Back in September 2001, Sanjay claimed that he personally knew a male “informant”, first-hand, who claimed that both Tony O’Clery and David Bailey had sex with him. Not only that, Sanjay claimed that Tony O’Clery was banned from the Vancouver Sai Center for sexual molestation.

Needless to say, Anthony “Tony” O’Clery denied these claims. O’clery said:

Sanjay produced an informant that alleged that I had sex with him, that Bailey had sex with him, and that I supposedly was banned from the Vancouver centre for molestation, phew what a calumnous liar that sanjay was. I’m glad that now the impediments on him now have been released and he can see sb for what he is. I have my doubts though. (Reference)

Since September 2001, Sanjay has never retracted these comments against O’Clery. As a matter of fact, Sanjay adamantly refuses to state why he made these comments against O’Clery in the first place. Consequently, one can only wonder whom this first-hand “informant” was, how he knew Sanjay and why he would claim that he had sex with Tony O’Clery and David Bailey if he didn’t.

Since Anti-Sai Activists support, cheer and promote Kishore Dadlani, one is left to conclude that there is some truth in what Sanjay alleged against Tony O’Clery. However, this information will never be brought to light because Anti-Sai Activists converted Sanjay to their side before he disclosed any more information about his “informant” and how he got his information that Anthony O’Clery’s was banned from the Vancouver Sai Center for sexual molestation.

How convenient.

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  1. Anonymous
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    pretty sure my grampa T’Oclery in nothing of the sort you are just some fucked up religious people who should be locked up