Move Over He-Man – Here Comes He-Krsna!

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

In light of Sanjay’s He-Man inspired God-Concept, I decided to help Sanjay out by making a new and improved and muscular Lord Krsna for him. Enjoy Sanjay! Now don’t get too excited ;-)

For some reason, Lord Krsna’s ear-rings and contoured eyebrows seem to detract from the overall effect…which would bring us to the topic on why Lord Krsna is always depicted as an effiminate male usually dressed in woman-like attire. Sanjay seems to be a rut. Without muscles, Lord Krsna looks extremely effeminate and one can only wonder why Sanjay would be attracted to an effeminate-looking God. With He-Man muscles, Lord Krsna looks extremely beefy and one can only wonder why Sanjay would be attracted to a masculine-looking God. Apparently, the physical appearances of God-figures are important to Sanjay and his groin.

For example, Sanjay apparently had sexual fantasies about Jesus Christ (of all people) and pubicly requested Jesus Pornography!

God and sexual desire seem to go hand in hand in Sanjay’s personal belief system. Allegedly, Sanjay even was a practicing tantric at 7 years old who, at that tender age, was having “quick lays in the guise of spirituality” and supposedly could maintain an erection for “30-40 minutes max” (Reference)!

Of course, all this information only serves to highlight Sanjay’s sexually-focused obsession with Sathya Sai Baba. But that is another topic for another day :-)

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