Sanjay’s Requests For Pornographic Material

Proof That Sanjay Dadlani Requested Biblical, Jesus and Disney Pornographic Material In 2001, On Google’s Alternative Sex Groups

It’s True: Dadlani Did Request Perverse Sexual Pictures:
Sanjay Kishore Dadlani has tried to trivialize requests he made for perverse, deviant and pornographic Biblical, Jesus and Disney pictures in 2001, in the alternative sex section in Google’s adult groups. Strangely enough, Dadlani has fully admitted that he did, in fact, request these pornographic images.

Click Here to read Dadlani’s post where he confessed:

In any case, I haven’t seen any pictures since I requested them way back in 2001 and forgot all about it.

Click Here to read another post where Dadlani said:

Admittedly, at one time I was curious to hear of a newsgroup entitled ‘’ as well as a couple of others, and attempted to find out for myself what sort of material was posted there.

Click Here to read a post where Dadlani contradicted the above two posts by claiming the reasons he visited these perverse sex sites were because:

I wanted to see if child porn or other forms of illegal porn were being transmitted in that group…No. This is why I asked for such pics, so that I could judge for myself if they were porn or innocent pics.

In this post, Dadlani clearly stated that he was looking for porn to see if it was being transmitted in these groups. This is amusing considering that the groups he was looking for porn on were adult categories that were specifically about sex (view screencaps below)! Now why would people be posting “innocent pics” in adult groups that require you to be 18 years of age or older, whose categories specifically are listed under “sex” listings?

Click Here to read another contradictory confession where Dadlani said:

I never received any pics the first time I posted. This is why I joined a thread to ask for “more” pics, and I never received those either! I never SENT or RECEIVED any pics! I was doing my JOB for the IWF!

Previously, Dadlani said that he joined these groups because he was “curious” about the content in those groups and that is why he went there. Now, however, Dadlani is saying that the reason he joined these groups was because he worked for the IWF. However, the IWF said that Dadlani never worked for them! Even if Dadlani worked for the IWF (turns out he wasn’t), one must remember that Dadlani was perusing sex listings in alternative sexual groups whose specific purpose was for pornography! Now why would Dadlani try to be finding illegal porn in pornography groups? It is clear that Sanjay does not regard child pornography as being anything particularly harmful or egregious. This was confirmed when Sanjay said, “Because even if it is true that I saw child porn, so what? It’s just a picture?” (Reference) I guess a picture of a child being sexually abused negates the criminal act of sexual abuse that resulted in that picture being taken in the first place? Sanjay also believes that teenage porn is “relatively legal” (Reference). Of course, the ramification of this comment is that teenage consent is “relatively legal” and SSB would not be guilty of breaking any laws, since the youngest alleged victim was 15/16 years old (and no sex was involved in his allegation anyway). The only types of porn that are illegal are child and teen porn. As sick as it may seem, Jesus, Biblical and Disney porn are not illegal. The only time Dadlani opens his mouth is put his other foot in. In this same post, dated Feb 4th 2003, Dadlani said he was going to file a court case against Lisa. Nothing has ever been done. I wonder why?

Now for the clincher. The reason why Sanjay contradicted himself so many times is because he actually fabricated the entire story about working for the IWF and receiving illegal porn when he worked for them! That’s right, Sanjay lied (Refs: 01; 02; 03; 04; 05). The quotes read:

“The point, retard, is that your information is all false. You base your case on my own false confession which is truly laughable,”; “The fact is that this false confession of mine is not evidence that I viewed/view child porn…I KNOW it was a lie, you stupid fool. What exactly is your point here? It was a STORY that you FELL for”; “But stupid muck-raking pigs that you are, you mailed IWF to get nothing but a confirmation that my story was false when it was patently false in the first place”; “She says i am on record saying I received child porn, but I have already stated ON THE RECORD that that entire story was a complete fabrication” and “You base your case on my own false confession which is truly

Needless to say, it was Sanjay’s fabrications (wrought from the metal of his “honesty”) that were responsible for the accusations that he received and viewed illegal child pornography. Once Sanjay was cornered, regarding his changing stories, Sanjay claimed his receipt of illegal porn and working for the IWF were a “story” (Sanjay’s synonym for “lying”). One can certainly reason that taking the fall for a lie is less damaging than taking the fall for viewing illegal child porn. Since Sanjay has difficulty telling the truth, he might have weighed his options (as meager as they were) and lied again to escape his admission of engaging in illegal activity.

Despite Dadlani’s ceaseless equivocation and subterfuge, regarding these pornographic images and why he requested them, Dadlani has the audacity to say I did not research any of this information for myself! The fact remains that despite Dadlani’s excuses and bloated responses, he requested pornographic material. And not just any “pornographic material”! Biblical, Jesus and Disney “pornographic material”! This is the same man who is trying to hold SSB accountable for allegations of sexual abuse and to whom he ceaselessly refers to as a “faggot”. It is of little wonder that Dadlani’s Anti-Sai buddies are not rushing to his side to support him in any way. The reality is that Dadlani is a liability to the integrity of the Anti-Sai movement and is nothing more than a disgrace to Anti-Sais and the Hare Krsna / Sri Caitanya movement, whose tenets he professes to follow.

The following images are provided as proof that Dadlani requested perverse and deviant images of Jesus (of all people), the Bible and Disney characters. The facts speak for themselves.

References: Click Here to view the Google Group results for Dadlani’s name “X Zecutioner” (look for: “”, “” and “” on Page Two). Click Here to view the Google Groups results for Dadlani’s email “” (look for: “”, “” and “” on Page Two). One does not need to be 18 years of age or older to view these results. However, if one chooses to see Dadlani’s actual posts, one must confirm that they are at least 18 years of age. This section contains adult content.

Preface: It is important to point out that people cannot post pornographic images on these Google Groups (there isn’t even an uploading facility that allows one to do it). The way that people get the pornographic material they seek is by making a request and having that request filled through a private email correspondence. These groups provide emails (which are clearly shown) for people to correspond with each other. One can also join the group and get pornographic links via email. Dadlani has tried to argue that since there are no visible, pornographic images in these groups he didn’t see or get any. Of course, that isn’t the way it works. Consequently, Dadlani is not entirely free from the suspicion that he obtained the material he sought.

Below: Google disclaimer that is shown before entering any Alternative Sex Groups (, clearly stating it is intended for adults 18 years of age or older.

Below: The section and other clearly pornographic categories.

Below: The section and other clearly pornographic categories.

Below: Dadlani (using the name “X Zecutioner”) made this post in a non-sexual, Vaishnava group in which he praised Sri Caitanya, to whom he has professed devotion on other Vaishnavite sites. Provided as proof that Sanjay used the name “X Zecutioner”).

Below: The section where Dadlani, using the name “X Zecutioner”, requested Biblical sex pictures. Notice the comment, “REQ: more pics of biblical”.

Below: The section where Dadlani, using the name “X Zecutioner”, started the thread asking for Biblical sex pictures. The comment reads, “biblical”.

Below: The section where Dadlani, using the name “X Zecutioner”, requested Biblical sex pictures. Notice the comment, “what happened to the good pics of biblical”.

Below: The section where Dadlani, using the name “X Zecutioner”, requested Jesus sex pictures. Notice the comment, “Naughty jesus”.

Below: The section where Dadlani, using the name “X Zecutioner”, requested Jesus sex pictures. Dadlani started this thread. The comment reads “jesus”.

Below: A post taken from the section where someone clearly states what these pics are being used for.

Below: The section where Dadlani, using the name “X Zecutioner”, requested Disney sex pictures. Notice the comment, “ or whatever, where we are supposed to find Disney pictures, the forum does not exist”. Once again, Dadlani started this thread.

Below: Dadlani’s Killuminati108 photo album on Yahoo. Notice how Dadlani names this folder “Jesus” and names pictures of himself “purplejez” (short for “purple jesus”). Does Dadlani have a Jesus fetish? Indeed he does. This photo album can no longer be viewed online. Sanjay publicly claimed that the reason his Yahoo pictures are no longer online is because of the following: “Don’t blame me if Yahoo decide to modify their policies and make Photo folders available to the public only if the Yahoo user has paid for premium access. But you wouldn’t care about that do you?” (Reference) To find out of this were true, I made my own photo album. I’ve never paid for “premium access” and mine is showing (Click). Sanjay publicly lied again!

In Conclusion…
It is nothing less than shameful that Sanjay Dadlani would request such type of images from an adult alternative sex section in Google’s Groups. Sanjay said he “rejected the pseudo-guru (SSB) in July 2001″. Sanjay rejected Sathya Sai Baba after accepting Gaudiya Vaishnavism as being “topmost”. After accepting Gaudiya Vaishnavism, 6 months later, Dadlani is in alternative sex sites requesting pornographic images of Jesus, the Bible and Disney characters! Hare Krsna! This is not surprising considering Sanjay’s preoccupation with fictional cartoon characters, which resulted in his He-Man Inspired God Concept.

One must remember that Dadlani fully conceded that he requested these images out of curiosity. This is extremely troubling considering Dadlani’s moral stance regarding allegations of sexual abuse against SSB. One can only conclude that Dadlani’s morality is either lacking or he attempted to purge his inner demons by attempting to bring Jesus down into the gutter where his mind is at.

Don’t let your children play with Sanjay Kishore Dadlani! He might steal their toys and cartoon magazines and fantasize about them in a sexual way.

Don’t let Sanjay Kishore Dadlani into your churches! He might be sitting there looking all pious, but will probably be secretly lusting after Jesus on the cross.

Don’t let Sanjay Kishore Dadlani look at your Bible! He might look for pictures in it so he can fulfill his perverted and deviant sexual desires.

Disgusting and reprehensible to say the least!

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