Sanjay’s Yahoo Photo Album Lies

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Regarding Sanjay’s Yahoo Photo Album, he said:

Hahahaha, I LOVE the last picture. So having a folder entitled ‘Jesus’ in my personal YahooPhotos area means that I have a Jesus porn fetish? And, there’s a very good chance that there might be porn pics of Jesus in that folder? ROFL! Sorry Joe, you just proved the definition of ‘Morono’. :-) I just love the way you add 2 + 2 and come up with 22. :-)) (Reference)

First and foremost, I never claimed or said anything about Dadlani having “porn pics of Jesus in that folder”. Why would I say that when all of the pics in that folder were visible in the screen-capture I took? The point I made, obviously, is that it appears that Dadlani has some sort of unhealthy obsession with Jesus. Therefore, the only person adding “2 + 2 and coming up with 22″ is Dadlani. Secondly, Dadlani is referring to me as “Morono” (which means “pig” in Spanish). Judging from Dadlani’s pictures, I am at least 50lbs – 70lbs lighter than him. So I find it amusing he is calling me “morono” when he is far porkier than I!

In this same post, Dadlani said:

And by the way it’s not deleted, it’s still there. Don’t blame me if Yahoo decide to modify their policies and make Photo folders available to the public only if the Yahoo user has paid for premium access. But you wouldn#t care about that do you? You would just like to give people the impression that I “deleted” the folder because I had “something to hide”, LOL. Your “research” is beyond hope now.

This statement proves that Dadlani checked his Yahoo Photo Album sometime prior to Monday Oct 24th, 2005 (the date he posted the message). How else would he know that his Yahoo Photo Album was “still there”? Dadlani also gave a reason why his Yahoo Photo Album was not visible, i.e., “Yahoo decide to modify their policies and make Photo folders available to the public only if the Yahoo user has paid for premium access”. Consequently, Dadlani admitted he checked his photo album and admitted it was not visible to other people because of a modification in Yahoo’s policy.

Click Here to view my response to Dadlani’s post. As trusting as I am, I actually removed my comment about Sanjay deleting his photo album. However (to be on the safe side) I decided to take Dadlani’s advice and “research” his claim for myself. I created my own Yahoo Photo Album. Even though I have never paid for “Premium Access” on Yahoo (nor did the friend I sent the link to), my Photo Album is fully accessible to the general public (See For Yourself). Consequently, Dadlani lied. About 10 minutes after posting this on the SSB2 Yahoo Board (which is e-mailed to those who request it), Dadlani reactivated his Photo Album!

Click Here to view Dadlani’s subsequent response (made on Tuesday Oct 25th, 2005) where he said:

Joe, earlier today I logged into my killuminati address to check out YOUR claims that my photo folder was not available. I discovered that this was not true as I viewed my album BEFORE and AFTER logging in, and I was able to see my photo folders. I also checked the availability settings and they were set at PUBLIC, which shows that you ORIGINALLY LIED when yous aid the folder was not available. So please, I just checked it out. If you claim that my album has ’suddenly’ become available, this has nothing to do with me as I just checked the accoutn a little over an hour ago. Stop lying.

Needless to say, Dadlani changed his story (again). This time around, Dadlani said that he “just checked” his photo folder (when one day earlier he clearly implied he already checked it) and found that, all along, the settings on his Photo Album were set on “public”. Of course, this fails to explain why Dadlani said his Photo Album was not visible because of Yahoo’s “premium access” policy change. To further my argument, I made a screen-capture to Dadlani’s Photo Album when it was offline. I will leave it to the reader to assess all of this information for him/her self.

Below: After publishing my original article (exposing Dadlani’s requests for kinky Jesus porn, in which I provided a screen-capture to his photo-folder entitled “Jesus”), his entire photo album went offline and the following screen-capture said why:

Below: After I published my response exposing Dadlani’s bold-faced untruth about Yahoo’s “premium service” claim, Dadlani put his photo album back up and claimed it was never taken down. Gee, I guess you don’t need “premium service” afterall:

Below: After leaving his photo album up for a couple of days, Dadlani disabled access to his Photo Albums (Today: October 27th 2005):

Below: Sanjay’s “Jesus” photo album:

Update: November 8th 2005: Just recently, I came across one of Dadlani’s blogs, entitled “killuminati”, and found very disturbing posts where Dadlani claimed that his “Jesus look” was getting him more sex with women! He even thanked Jesus for bringing him more sex with his “look”. Read the full story about Sanjay’s Jesus Sex Fetish here.

In Conclusion…
In conclusion, Dadlani doesn’t want us to know the truth about him because he’s like the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz. Pull back the curtains of prevarication and perversity and you’ll see a blinkered smart aleck hiding behind them, strenuously pulling the levers of rhetoric and loquacity, all the while beating drums and blowing horns and whistles, trying to distract from the main issue; which happens to be about him and his alleged “integrity”.

In this story, however, it isn’t the Tin Man who doesn’t have a heart or the Lion who doesn’t have courage or the Strawman who doesn’t have a brain, it’s Sanjay Kishore Dadlani. After exposing “the man behind the curtain”, Dadlani still lives in denial and still tries to feed the notion that he is someone who he isn’t. Everyone can see this but himself. Stuck in his perpetual victim and blame mentality, Dadlani miserably struggles to defend his reprehensible behavior. The sad fact of the matter is that there is no defense.

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