Sathya Sai Baba Transmutes Water Into Petrol

Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba Transmutes Water Into Petrol

Howard Murphet records this fascinating episode in his book “Sai Baba: Invitation to Glory”:

Divine alchemy is used only on rare occasions under particular circumstances -as when Jesus turned water to wine at Cana in Galilee, and Moses turned the waters of the Nile to blood in Egypt.

An old Sai devotee told me that, just after World War II, he was in a car with Sathya Sai Baba and others driving through the countryside. They were on their way to an important religious festival, and did not want to be late. Suddenly, in the middle of nowhere, their car ran out of petrol.

One of the passengers, who knew the district, thought that there was a service station about three miles up the road, but, as petrol was not plentiful at that time there may not be any available there.

The driver said he would walk to the service station, or somewhere, and try to get a can of petrol. But even if he managed to secure any, this would mean a considerable delay. Also it was a long, hard walk for the man on a hot day, and, even though he was at fault for not having ensured that there was enough petrol in the tank at the start of the journey, Swami was merciful.

He said to the driver: ‘Bring a bucket from that house. There’s a well there.’ He pointed to a humble dwelling, less than a hundred metres away. The driver obeyed silently. Everyone remained silent in a kind of hushed expectancy as they stood waiting with Swami beside the car.

Soon the driver returned with a large pail full of water. ‘Here’, Swami indicated, and the driver placed the pail on the ground at the Lord’s feet. All watched intently as the red-robed figure leaned over and with one finger stirred the surface of the water.

‘Put it in the petrol tank and be careful not to spill any’, He told the driver.

Soon they were driving along again as the engine drank the miracle petrol happily; they reached the religious festival in good time. There is evidence, moreover, that the divine finger will stretch many thousands of miles to stir petrol into being.

A pleasant-mannered, turbaned Punjabi, named Surjit Singh Chahal gave me a letter he had received from a friend, a Mr Gordon Chetty of Durban, South Africa. In this Mr Chetty writes:

‘I have a 1970 model, nine-seater station wagon which used to travel to any destination to spread Bhagavan Baba’s teachings. Bhagavan started providing petrol miraculously for the vehicle.

This has happened eleven times in two years. Each time the miracle has been witnessed by hundreds of people.

It happens like this: while the vehicle is standing stationary, the tank fills to overflowing, and a small quantity of petrol often pours out from the tank. Many people have, in fact, placed containers in position to collect the overflow.

One Sunday morning, for instance, I was at a wedding party. I had left my vehicle parked on the roadside among other cars. It was about 11.30 in the morning when I was called urgently, and told to go to my station wagon as petrol was spilling from it.

I found that the petrol tank had filled-up completely and was overflowing! Many people from the wedding party rushed out to see this miracle. There were, in fact, about 800 witnesses that time. Twelve people collected petrol from the overflow to use in their own vehicles.’

Although Sathya Sai Baba, in other cases, transmuted water into petrol, in Durban He seems to have multiplied the petrol that was already in the tank. The help and grace of the Lord comes at the place and manner that He Himself prescribes.

Reference: “Sai Baba: Invitation to Glory” by Mr. Howard Murphet. Page: 53-55. Published by Macmillan India Ltd, 1982.

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    This is a wonderful example of what positive energy can accomplish. I read another interesting perspective at and it seems that now would be a great time for people to realize these truths. We are living in curious times.